Saturday, November 25, 2006

Best (insert Bias here) Concert EVER!!!!!!!!

Ok, time for truth. I went to my first (quasi) rock concert tonight. I know as much as I love rock I cant believe I wated till less then a month from my 18th B-day to go to my first one. Oh well!
Trans-Siberian Orchastra was AWESOME! I will claim retna burn in school tomorow and hope that they let me get away with it. The PYROs were so HOT... I was 200 feet from the flames and I felt them. and the lasers were AWESOME. Those had to be 15mw class IIIB cause those were good power beamz. and the rest...well when TSO comes near you, GO SEE IT. I will tell more later.

- Your host,
-Mike "Stealth" Campbell

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