Sunday, July 02, 2006

About Platte Valley Academy

Well I was just asked to write about PVA.

PVA is a great school. there is a Clique atmosphere but it is not as bad as some schools because everyone gets to know everyone else. I wont be going there next year because of some personal disagreements with the board. but I would encourage others to go. The small school environment really is a great feeling. I loved my time there and will never be able to forget the feeling. I just have to stand up for what I believe and so I will go to Millard North next year. The work study program was one of the best things that a kid could experiance... the fact that you have a daily job that you may or may not like really makes you face reality and be ready for the real world. Also there is the fact that all the teachers are always there to help you. there really is no excuse for bad grades. (looks at himself in the mirror) I loved the different people that you can hang out with. Mads, Yosh, Cole, everyone rocked. And you may not get along with some one but there is always going to be someone there that you can hang with. and the faculty are so much fun... For the girls...Hang out with the Assistant Dean she is so cool. There will be a new Guys Dean this year and enery one Say hi to MR. D. Also meet Ms. Bascom, someone that no other school has...(especialy a public school)