Friday, July 22, 2005

Endings and Beginnings

Ok. so i havant gotten to this in...[checking]...a couple of months. So here is whats up in my life...
I've written a couple of new poems... gotten a couple of new T-shirts... Recieved my Blue Belt in Tae-Kwon-Do... and bought a new old computer.
Ive also sience January taken a year to a year and a half worth of classes in the past seven months.
I am Planning on going to the Martial Arts the Christian Way demo in Valley, Neb. in a week. This will be the first demo Ive gotten to go to.
Mr. Kopplin told me that mabey I could help put on one of the demos one time... Mabey next summer, PVA will take to much of my time.

Ah yes, Everyones favorite time of year is upon us. Back To School! Well this year wont be bad for me. I will be going to PVA again for the third year, My Junior year. Mr. Johnson (the guys dean) wants me as an RA (hall moniter for those who never went to Boarding school) and im going to try to get on the maintnance crew again this year. Next I need to worry about Classes and Faculty. Mrs. Sores wont be back. Mr. Goodchild is now Principle (I wonder if he is still incharge of the network???) Mrs. Goodchild wants to (last I heard) have a Martial Arts alternate PE this year, Sign me up if I can practice the ITF forms that I learn at The American School of Karate and Judo. To think... I'm a High School Junior and I am still single.
...... I'm running out of things to write. If you have anything you want me to mention or talk about please tell me.

- Mike §†eal†h Campbell